Working with Me

Every client’s style and experience is unique.

While I have proven “how-to” processes and style principles that I use when working with all my clients, I always value my client’s input, lifestyle needs and budget. My goal is not to turn you into something you are not, but to bring out your own unique signature style!

I work with my clients to not only build a better wardrobe, but to also give them the confidence to do this on their own. You may want to have me shop with you (or even for you) every season because you don’t have the time, but most of my clients want me to take them through the process and teach them how to do this on their own.

The elephant in the room….

I understand that some women may find it intimidating to let someone into their closet or dressing room. Trust me, I don’t judge and I’ve seen it all. There are times my own closet gets out of control and I need to treat myself like a client! I respect your privacy and your personal space when working in your home.

 So where do I start?

Schedule a complimentary Define My Style session with me to get started on your unique transformation!